Rotation: Unlimited in either direction Max Load: 26,455 lb. Max Working Pressure: 3626 psi Torque: 1770 ft. lbs./ 2900 psi Weight: 143 lbs. Has pin to fit grapple hanger with hole of: 1 3/8"/1 3/4" Has same hook up dimensions as: GV12 , MTR104 Oil hoses to grapple from: Bottom or Sides of rotator. Inside bracket diameter: 3.189" (136 mm)
The GV 12S has holes for 45mm or 1 3/4" pin. The rotator comes with JIC fittings for the incoming oil.  The oil hoses between the grapple and the rotator can be hooked up either from the bottom of the rotator, or from the sides of the rotator.
Type A) Width of block on top of the rotator
B) Pinhole diameter through rotator
C) Axle diameter
GV12S 3.956" (101 mm) 1.75" (45 mm)
6.8" (173mm)
15.827" (402 mm) JIC 16
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