TG25 DG Weight Max Load
Grip Force
Max Pressure
Rec. Exc. (ton)
Rec. Rotator
Rec. Flow
2139 8800
12,814 5076 psi 13-19 RMR16C 24
    The grapple has a flat mounting plate, so it can be used with either hanging or rigid rotators.     VALBY® Grapples have a bronze bushing and a grease fitting at every joint.     VALBY® Grapples have large, powerful cylinders with heavy pistons.     A belly plate protects the cylinder from underneath.     VALBY® Grapples have easily accessible grease fittings.
Position A B
Measurement 77" 43" 34" 31 "
The Valby TG25 DG is a pinch type demolition grab with replaceable wear plates on the  jaws. The jaws are made of high grade Hardox steel. Every joint has a bronze bearing and a grease fitting. The mounting plate is built to take the strain of operating in horizontal positions with a rigid rotator. Two connection rods provide a balanced load to the jaws.
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